Dykman Stables Ltd

Boarding Packages 

Private Pasture and Stall:
$750 + HST ($847.50)

Box Stall Rate:
$700 + HST ($791.00)

Our packages include a High Fat High Fibre  pellet horse ration, daily cleaning of stalls, regular refills of water and hay throughout the day, and a nightly check every evening. Full access to all facilities is provided. If you bring supplements, we’ll happily feed them to your horse.

Additional services are available upon request.

Private Pasture:
$500.00 plus HST = $565.00

Pasture Rate:
$450.00 plus HST =$508.50

Pasture Rate for Mini:
$200 plus HST = $226.00

Feeding Fee for pasture horses Monday through Friday once a day $60 per month plus HST = $67.80

Pasture Board packages include grain when you are here to feed your horse as well as full use of the facilities. 

Large, dust free, bright indoor arena 90 x 208 feet